Enocean and Easyfit technology, dimming and switching

Explanation of the operation of Enocean Easyfit switches

Below you can see an exploded Enocean Easyfit switch. The 2 red lines lead to the long, narrow plastic edges that each time you press the rocker (top or bottom, left or right) convert 'kinetic energy' into 'electrical transmission energy'. This gives a 'click' feeling. 'Kinetic energy' is also used in lighters, you feel a small click and a spark is created that arises from the electrical energy that is briefly generated at that moment.

This switch actually works the same way, except that now of course no spark is generated, but transmission energy. The switch also knows which button is selected (green line), because there is a small elevation in the inside of each rocker that presses one of the pink squares at the same time as the energy is generated (1-2-3-4). In this way, a wireless signal is sent into the Casambi network without a battery and without a 230V connection and your lamp will be able to switch or dim (or recall a scene).

It is a misunderstanding that you could not dim with these Enocean Easyfit switches, because with each impulse just enough energy is generated to have a few seconds of energy to inform the network that it needs to be dimmed or changed color (you stay on that moment press the button).

Enocean Easyfit switches do not require a wall box, so you can even stick them on glass walls with the adhesive foil supplied as standard. These switches are also perfectly incorporated in many standard materials such as JUNG, Busch-Jaeger, GIRA E2 etc.

Be careful; These types of keypads can only be linked to Casambi networks via a telephone with NFC

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