Enocean and Easyfit technology, dimming and switching

Explanation of the operation of Enocean Easyfit switches Below you see an exploded Enocean Easyfit switch. The 2 red lines lead to the long narrow ...
  • Irma Lankhaar

Volt-ampere versus Watt (power factor and cosine phi)

In this blog I will try to clarify the difference between Volt-ampere and Watt. It is a bit confusing at times, but it is not the same. I ...
  • Irma Lankhaar

Presence sensors or timers do not activate as expected (By Casambi Finland)

Below is a link from Casambi Finland describing why a timer or motion sensor sometimes responds differently than you might expect ...
  • Irma Lankhaar

Select Casambi driver based on the current of the LED

Casambi drivers that feed your LEDs with a mA circuit (milliamps) will always try to maintain the current strength. Example; You have t ...
  • Irma Lankhaar