Vadsbo VD220WCM tronic dimmer with Casambi

This Casambi pressure rotary dimmer registers how fast you turn. If you turn slowly, your lamp will also dim slowly, but if you turn quickly, your lamp will also dim quickly. Standard there are 2 single cover frames and rotary knobs with this dimmer. You can click the interior (55x55mm) out of the cover frames and use it in various brands of switches such as JUNG AS500WW. An adapter van with which you can thicken the axle size to Busch Jaeger is included. Optionally we supply brass nuts that are specially made to fix other covers such as JUNGLS990, these can be found in the "OPTIONS" tab. Be careful not to connect inductive old fashioned transformers. |


Vadsbo VD220WCM is standard in the app with the profile 'VD220WCM' which means that the dimmer dims logarithmically. You can also choose other profiles, you will find these under the tab 'PROFILES.

Display in the Casambi app of a Vadsbo VD220WCM dimmer

Maximum power; 200VA if you dim high-voltage lamps directly (Ohms / R)
Maximum power; 100VA if you dim drivers or electronic transformers (Capacitive / C)
(200VA (Volt-ampere) is not necessarily the same as 200Watt. It is the power factor (Cosinus phi) that makes the difference, read more in our blog)

Vadsbo VD220WCM must be connected to 230V. Afterwards, you can choose from various options how you will control the dimmer. Usually one chooses to use the push-turn button in combination with the Casambi app.

It is useful to know that there is also an S input on the dimmer. You can optionally connect this via a push-button on the L (230V). This way you can, for example, apply toggle switching, but you can also assign the S in the app to something else, for example a "general OFF command".

VD220WCM connection diagram

Here you can see the available profiles of the Vadsbo-Casambi dimmer VD220WCM. The dimmer comes standard with the profile 'VD220WCM', which means that the dimming curve is logarithmic.

You can change the profile just before adding the dimmer to your network. If you have already added the dimmer to your network and you want to change the profile, you must first unpair the dimmer.

If you use the profile 'ROTARY SWITCH', the dimmer will no longer be visible in the lamp field, but the push-turn button can still serve within the Casambi network to control a group of Casambi drivers at the same time. You configure this in the switch field.

Profile selection-VD220WCM

Vadsbo VD220WCM comes in a nice package with manual.

Packaging content dimmer Vadsbo VD220WCM Casambi



Below is the PDF of Vadsbo LD220WCM.     PDF not displayed correctly? click here.


We supply optional brass nuts to fix the insert from other brands such as JUNG LS990. Make sure you order the rotary knob with insert plate from third parties.

Reducing nut for Vadsbo220WCM dimmers