Vadsbo VD 300 (tronic dimmer without Casambi)

Vadsbo VD300 has a beautiful technical gadget that no other dimmer has, namely an adjustable boost function. A boost may be necessary if, for example, you have 6 LED lights in a row and after you have expressed them to the minimum setting, they no longer all turn on at the same time when you press the dimmer again. The boost setting then gives all LED lights a slightly higher dimming value for a very short time, after which the dimmer immediately returns to the set minimum value at that moment. Furthermore, this dimmer has of course a minimum setting and you can also adjust this in case of flicker.

NB; we have brass adapter nuts (accessory tab (2,50,-)) if you need to reduce to e.g. Jung LS990.


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We supply optional brass nuts to fix the insert from other brands such as JUNG LS990. Make sure you order the rotary knob with insert plate from third parties.

Reducing nut for Vadsbo220WCM dimmers