Vadsbo VD 200

This ultimate phase-cutting LED dimmer is a masterpiece of technology. Even without a 0 wire (blue wire) you can perfectly dim back to almost 0%. There are two adjusting screws available; 1 for the minimum dimming position and 1 if you want to adjust it even more finely. The Vadsbo VD200 pressure rotary dimmer is equipped with a changeover contact for possible changeover switching.

NB; we have brass adapter nuts (accessory(2,50,-)) if you need to upgrade to e.g. Jung LS990.

Vadsbo VD200 in packaging

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We supply optional brass nuts to fix the insert from other brands such as JUNG LS990. Make sure you order the rotary knob with insert plate from third parties.

Reducing nut for Vadsbo220WCM dimmers