With its thickness of only 20 mm, this Vadsbo Casambi switch can, for example, be placed behind a push-button in the wall box. R3000WCM houses a powerful magnetic switch that offers 230V on the L' contact when switched on. Note that the amperage depends on the type of load you are switching.

You can also change the profile to 'on while pressing' which means that the contact closes as long as you keep pressing in the Casambi app. This function can also be linked to Enocean switches, but then works for a maximum of 20 seconds.

Vadsbo R3000WCM has 2 inputs for a 230V push-button that you can freely assign in the app, for example push-button 1 controls the contact of the R3000WCM, and push-button 2 gives an 'all off'


Vadsbo R3000WCM can appear in the app in 2 ways, depending on the chosen profile. By default, the profile is ON-OFF, but you can change it to ON WHILE PRESS.

Casambi App display Vadsbo R3000WCM

Below are the 2 profiles from which you can make a choice, by default the R3000WCM is ON-OFF.

Casambi-Choice of Profile-Vadsbo-R3000-WCM

Vadsbo R3000WCM switch for Casambi networks is supplied in a cardboard packaging;



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