Vadsbo LED dimmer Casambi LD220WCM

Vadsbo LD220WCM can be placed under a push-button in the wall box and therefore you can keep your own switchgear. Suppose you do not have space in the wall box, then place this 200VA dimmer in the central box or in the lamp itself. Be careful not to connect inductive old-fashioned transformers.


Vadsbo LD220WCM is standard in the app with the profile 'LD220WCM' which means that the dimmer dims logarithmically. You can also choose other profiles, you will find them under the tab "PROFILES".

Display in the Casambi App of a Vadsbo LD220WCM

Maximum power; 200VA if you dim high-voltage lamps directly (Ohms / R)
Maximum power; 100VA if you dim drivers or electronic transformers (Capacitive / C)
(200VA (Volt-ampere) is not necessarily the same as 200Watt. It is the power factor (Cosinus phi) that makes the difference, read more in our blog)

Vadsbo LD220WCM must be connected to 230V. Afterwards you can choose from various options how you will control the dimmer, these are all in the tab "PLACEMENT".

Usually, one chooses to use a push-button that is then connected between the L (230V) and the S input of the dimmer, this way you can operate the dimmer locally and also in the Casambi app. You may connect several push-buttons in parallel.

LD220WCM connection diagram


Here you can see the available profiles of the Vadsbo-Casambi dimmer LD220WCM. The dimmer comes standard with the profile LD220WCM.

You can change the profile just before adding the dimmer to your network. If you have already added the dimmer to your network and want to change the profile, you must first unmount the driver.

Profile choice Vadsbo LD220WCM

Vadsbo LD220WCM comes in a nice package with an English manual.

Vadsbo LD220WCM packing 1

Vadsbo LD220WCM box

Below is the PDF of Vadsbo LD220WCM.     PDF not displayed correctly? click here.

Below is a PDF showing numerous placement options of Vadsbo LD220WCM.     PDF not displayed correctly? click here.