Vadsbo LD200-KRON (pressure dimmer without Casambi)

Multifunctional series dimmer that is operated by a series push-button. Power is 2 x 100VA, but if you dim drivers or other inductive loads, take the power factor into account and better reduce the connected power to 2 x 50W in connection with Cos. Phi. You can set the minimum dimming value with a potentiometer. Starts from 1W, and is equipped with memory function, even after a power failure. Multiple impulse switches possible. Soft start function when switching on. Do not operate multiple units with the same pushbuttons. Do not use covers that contain an indicator light. The nice thing about this dimmer is that the minimum setting value is set to channel 1 as soon as you operate that channel, and as soon as you operate channel 2, the adjustment screw is connected to channel 2 again.

LD200 kron

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