Vadsbo LCC9WCM is a 'Casambi encoder', and therefore not a real 230V dimmer! You can link the push-turn button to Casambi groups, scenes, lamps, elements, etc. and there is an extra 230V input available for a separate push button that you can also give a function if desired, such as adjusting the light temperature (K ).

You can use this encoder for various brands such as JUNG, GIRA, Berker, etc. For BuschJaeger, a bushing is included to increase the axle size. Optionally, we supply brass nuts that are specially made to secure other covers such as JUNGLS990, these can be found in the "OPTIONS" tab.

Because the encoder is connected separately to the LCC9WCM, it is possible to place the encoder (turn-push button) somewhere else. Longer cable is possible on request and for larger quantities.



Below is the PDF of Vadsbo LD220WCM.     PDF not displayed correctly? click here.


We supply optional brass nuts to fix the insert from other brands such as JUNG LS990. Make sure you order the rotary knob with insert plate from third parties.

Reducing nut for Vadsbo220WCM dimmers