Vadsbo LCC8 (350-550mA driver without Casambi)

8W Driver, CC with different amperage can be set by means of 2 dip switches. Fits perfectly in a wall box, or just above the ceiling.

You can operate this mini-driver with an impulse button or with a 1-10V signal, but not at the same time. As soon as you connect the pushbutton and start using it, the LCC8 will adjust to it. Suppose you prefer a 1-10V control behavior that is offered by another device, you must first convert the method. You do this by (while the LCC8 is hanging from the 230V) shorting the 1-10V input wires for a duration of 3 seconds. At that moment the LCC8 understands that you are going to work with the Volt input. As soon as you connect a Pushbutton again, the function changes again!

During 1-10V operation, you must switch off the voltage to get the connected LED 100% off.

You can operate up to 20 units with 1 or more push-buttons. Synchronization of several modules takes place by means of the push button operation (more info in the enclosed manual) Warning; with some LCC 8 the positions of the dip switch are rotated relative to the image. Make sure you choose the right power!


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