Vadsbo Clock Backup BTWCM for Casambi

A Casambi network forgets the current time when all power has been lost and there is no active device or gateway. Vadsbo Clock Backup has a power reserve of 19 hours to provide the network with the correct time and date after returning voltage so that TIMER commands can be executed again. This device does not have a repeater function in the network.

Vadsbo Clock Backup will get into the app as follows

Vadsbo Clock Backhup BTWCM Casambi display in the Casambi app

A Casambi network always knows the current time and in the event of a power failure, only 1 single actor needs to remain live to let other actors know the date and time after recurring power. But when all actors have been rid of the tension, nobody knows what time it is and TIMERS will no longer be possible. To provide your Casambi network with the current time and date after a return of the mains voltage, it is sufficient to include this Vasbo Clock Backup in your network. The delivery includes everything to immediately achieve the desired result, whereby the battery is already charged to 90% within 3 hours and the stand-by time with a full battery is up to 19 hours. The rechargeable battery is in the plug adapter. All you need to do is add this unit to your network for proper operation.


Vadsbo Clock Backup BTWCM;


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