This Led driver is directly connected to a 230VAC power supply by means of a connection cord or cable. Afterwards, you can directly include it in the Casambi network. There is also an input available for a push-button. You have double connection terminals available at the output.


Tridonic LC60W enters the app with the profile "bDW Driver (dim)". You can also choose other profiles, you will find them under the "PROFILES" tab.

App view LC35-bDW SC PRE2

Connection voltage 230V
Led voltage; 24VDC
Maximum power; 60W

Model 28002416

Below you can see the output characteristic at different dim values;

Output LED specs TRIDONIC LC60_24VDC_28002416_Article_information

Here you can see the available profiles of the LC60-bDW SC PRE2 from Tridonic. The difference between the first and the second profile is that the push input does not work with the first.

You can change the profile just before adding the dimmer to your network. If you have already added the dimmer to your network and you want to change the profile, you must first disconnect it.

Tridonic LC10 profile selection for Casambi

Tridonic Driver LC60W 24V bDW SC PRE2;

delivery Tridonic Driver LC60W 24V bDW SC PRE2


delivery Tridonic Driver LC60W 24V bDW SC PRE2-2

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