is a compact Casambi interface that provides a 50mA strong DALI output, sufficient to feed up to 25 drivers on the DALI bus.

Two examples of how you can use this device can be seen in the overview below.

In 'Example 1' you have to program the DALI drivers with the Tridonic master configurator† In the '4 Group / Preconfigured' profile you only need to connect the Dali bus afterwards and you can dim and switch the groups separately from each other.

You can also connect 4 separate drivers with DALI, after which the addresses are given away directly from basiDIM and are therefore dimmable directly separately from each other using the 4xdim profile. This is shown in 'Example 2'.

There are even more profiles such as TW etc. and there is a possibility to connect a push-button (230V input). a cover cap with strain relief is optionally available.

Here you see an overview of 2 frequently used profiles;

Tridonic Basicdim Wireless SR for Casambi



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