Zhaga is a standard that is often used in lampposts. This Tridonic ZHAGA Casambi DALI actor connects the outdoor lights via a Casambi network. There are various profiles available, including even a GATEWAY. You must power this device with a DALI power supply.

An optional motion/illumination intensity sensor is available, which is connected to the same DALI line and allows you to add the settings in the Casambi app. It is important that you choose the right profile.

Below are the Zhaga Tridonic profiles where the DALI bus is used as a dimmer to the connected drivers: you will find Zhaga in the Casambi LAMP FIELD.

Depending on other connected hardware, you can choose a different profile in which movement can be detected and/or the measured illuminance (Lux) can be used in the Casambi app scenes.



Below are the other profiles where Zhaga does not appear in the lamp field;


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