Thermokon Enocean Gira E2 Casambi switch

These Casambi GIRA E2 Bluetooth switches are supplied without a cover. You can include these switches in your own cover frame.

Easyfit generates its own energy every time you press a button. The transmission power that is generated is enough to send switching commands but also to be able to dim. You don't need a flush-mounted box, no battery and no 230V, see our BLOG

Thermokon Gira E2 is displayed in the SWITCHES field of the Casambi app as follows;



There are various profiles for these switches. You choose this as FACEPLATE,

Casambi Profile selection FACEPLATES for Enocean Easyfit switches

Gira E2 Enocean Easyfit from Thermokon is supplied in a cardboard box that also contains the mounting plate and a piece of double-sided adhesive foil;

packaging-GIRA E2 enocean switch

Below is the PDF of the supplier.     PDF not displayed correctly? click here.