The output characteristic of this TCI driver is based on the AM principle (Amplitude Modulation) and you can therefore easily connect Dim-to-Warm light sources. This way of regulation also allows the cable length from the driver to the light sources to be long. There is not a single flicker of the LED. The secondary initial voltage is very low (10V), which means that you can achieve correct operation even with little load.

It is important that you understand that the current value (mA) of your LED affects the power of the output of the driver, you can read all about this in our BLOG



TCI Professionale 50W ends up in the app as follows;

Casambi App View TCI-Maxijolly-SV

output current; 350-1200mA (adjustable with dip switch)
Maximum power; 50W

The table below shows the mA values ​​versus the maximum output power.


Amperage settings TCI Maxijolly SV-127645


This driver is operated in the Casambi app, but you can also connect the push input to control the driver (or something else).

connection diagram TCI Maxijolly SV 127645


Below are some examples of conductor cross-sections recommended by TCI in relation to distance and current strength;

TCI cable cross-section

This driver is SELV 60V which means that the output voltage can never exceed 60V.

explanation of SELV-TCI

TCI Maxijolly SV 127645;

View TCI Maxijolly-SV-127645


Below is a PDF of the supplier.     PDF not displayed correctly? click here.