Swisspir LIGA.AIR.SP.12-24 Casambi sensor

Swisspir LIGA.AIR.SP.12-24 can be connected to both AC and DC voltage (12-24Volt). These Lichtteam sensors are available in white, gray and black. After you add the sensor to a Casambi network, you can switch light scenes, lamps, etc. during motion detection.


Swisspir LIGA.AIR.SP.12-24 is placed in the SENSORS field in the Casambi app;

Casambi app view Liga.air.sp.12-24

You must connect this Liga air sensor LIGA.AIR.SP.12-24 to a 24V power supply, this may be DC or AC voltage (DC or AC). So there is no + or - connection, it does not matter.

daylight control swisspir liga.air.sp.12-24


Light team LIGA.AIR.SP.12-24;

package contents Lighting team LIGA.AIR.SP-12-24

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Below we show you how to program a movement sensor LIGA.AIR.SP.12-24;

In the field SENSORS you will find the sensor, of course there may be several sensors. Now click on the LIGA.AIR.SP:

programming Light team LIGA.AIR.SP.12-24--1

You will now see that the sensor is not in use, and since you want to program it, click on that line;

programming Light team LIGA.AIR.SP.12-24--2

Now click again;

Swisspir LIGA.AIR.SP.12-24 programming step 3

In our example we are now going to program the sensor to activate a pre-made scene with MOTION;

Swisspir LIGA.AIR.SP.12-24 programming step 4

Now click on the line SCENES PRESENCE;

Swisspir LIGA.AIR.SP.12-24 programming step 5

Select the scene (s) to be executed during movement (It is possible to have several scenes executed simultaneously);

Swisspir LIGA.AIR.SP.12-24 programming step 6

Now click on DONE

Swisspir LIGA.AIR.SP.12-24 programming step 7

Click on DONE again;

Swisspir LIGA.AIR.SP.12-24 programming step 8

Click on BACK;

programming Light team LIGA.AIR.SP.12-24--9

You are now done and you will see your scene under the icon;

programming Light team LIGA.AIR.SP.12-24--10

Swisspir supplies various surface-mounted trays and cover plates for the 25mm Casambi sensors. You will find these in our ACCESSORIES collection;


Below is the PDF of the supplier.     PDF not displayed correctly? click here.