Scemtec SC-TI-CAS Casambi switch interface

SC-TI-CAS is a Casambi switch interface that can be connected to 4 pulse switches. You supply SC-TI-CAS with 230V and the secondary wiring must also be connected as if it were 230V contacts because these wires are not galvanically isolated from the 230V network.


Scemtec SC-TI-CAS is placed in the app with the SWITCHES;


Scemtec SC-TI-CAS must be supplied with 230V. Afterwards you can connect 1 to 4 push-buttons whereby you do NOT connect the common to 230V. The secondary circuit is not galvanically isolated and you must connect it as if it were a 230V circuit. You can link various scenes, lamps, etc. to the 4 inputs;


Scemtec SC-TI-CAS is supplied in a cardboard package;



Scemtec-SC-TI-CAS content

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