RP-technik YMOCA CASADIMM for Casambi networks

The CASADIMM is a trailing edge dimmer. Its use allows stepless dimming of trailing edge lamps. Output power 150W LED / 200W ohms (eg Incandescent lamps). It is controlled wirelessly with the CASAMBI® app. This appliance is provided with strain relief and insert clamps on both sides for a flexible and solid core.



By default, YMOCA-CASADIMM ends up in the app with the profile 'Casa Trailin Edge Dimmer', which relates to a specific dimming curve. You can also choose other profiles, you will find them under the tab "PROFILES".

Display in the Casambi app of a CBU-TED

This Casambi dimmer must be connected to 230V, directly to the mains or behind an on-off switch. The maximum is 150VA.
(150VA (Volt-ampere) is not necessarily the same as 150Watt. It is the power factor (Cosinus phi) that makes the difference, read more in our blog)

The app offers various options to achieve a correct operating method. For example, you can use the "SMART SWITCH" function, or you can easily link CBU-TED via a Bluetooth link to an Enocean switch from, for example, Jung, Gira, Busch Jaeger or another keypad such as a Casambi door contact.


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