RP-technik PWM5 Led strip dimmer 5 channel 7A.

PWM-5 is an LED strip dimmer from RP-technik suitable for Casambi networks. The connection voltage is 12VDC or 24VDC and you can choose from multiple profiles such as the new RGB-CCT, which is RGB with also Tunable white (the LED strip has 6 wires in total).

A very interesting profile is also DUAL Tunable white where you can not only set and dim Tunable white but also adjust the top / bottom ratio (such as the Occhio Mito devices).

Attention, this product may be powered with a maximum of 7A, whereby the current per output may not exceed 4A.



Connection voltage 12-24V-DC
Maximum current; 7Amp (no more than 4Amp/channel!)
LED strip power at 24V max. 165 Watt

This Casambi-Enabled LED strip dimmer from RP-technik must be powered by a 12VDC or 24VDC. The chosen connection voltage is determined by the voltage on which the LED strip operates.

You may load this driver Asymmetrically provided the total current does not exceed 7A. So, for example, you can divide 5x1 Amp over 5 outputs. The current on 1 channel must not exceed 4A.

There are several profiles to choose. A 'profile' ensures that the driver controls the outputs in a certain way. Well-known profiles are, for example, RGBW, Tunable White or 4 separate dimming channels. If you change a profile, you must therefore also connect the outputs that belong to that profile.

RP Technik YMOCA-PWM-05;

RP-technik CASA PWM5