RP technik Casa Rollo Venetian blind switch Casambi

Casa Rollo can operate blinds, sun blinds, patio covers, etc. by means of 2 230V contacts. The motor must therefore be equipped with two wires; a 230V 'up' wire and a 230V 'down' wire.

Pay attention; operating the button 'all lamps' in the Casambi lamp field will also activate the output of this device or your engine will start running.

RP Technik Casa Rollo enters the LAMPEN field in the Casambi app as follows;



Casa Rollo from RP technik also has two 230V inputs. You could use this, for example, to locally connect two push-buttons with which you can then also control the sun blinds via an 'element' link in the Casambi network. If desired, these push-buttons can also do other things, such as calling up a scene or giving an 'all off' command that not only switches off your lights but also raises the blinds.

Connection diagramTechnical-Data-Casa-Rollo


Casa Rollo;


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