RB Technik Casambi Cloud Power Meter 3ph

This Din-rail Carlo Gavazzi kWh meter is connected in line with your main power conductors and is suitable for DIN rail mounting. In the Casambi app you can read values ​​such as line voltages, currents, powers and corresponding power factor (Cos Phi). You can also read log files via API.

Cloud Power meter 3PH ends up in the SENSORS field in the Casambi app. The Casambi field shows the following values, and is refreshed every time, that refresh is not every second, keep it for about 1 minute .....

Casambi app display RB technik kWh Cloud power meter CPM_3F_30.0

The Cloud meter must also be powered with 230V through a socket. For other connections, please refer to the PDF.

RB Technik Cloud Power meter 1ph

Below is the PDF of the supplier.     PDF not displayed correctly? click here.