RB Technik Casambi Cloud Power Meter 1ph

RB Technik Casambi Cloud Power Meter 1ph is connected to 230V via a plug and there is a divisible Ampere clamp. This allows you to read real-time values ​​in the Casambi app such as voltage, current, power and power factor.

Cloud Power meter 1PH ends up in the SENSORS field in the Casambi app. You can open the clamp meter and clamp it around the conductor you want to measure. The plug of the Cloud power meter must be plugged into the socket somewhere on the same group. Afterwards you have to wait a while for all values ​​to be displayed in the field. The Casambi field refreshes every time, it is not every second, keep it on for about 1 minute .....

RB Technik Cloud Power Meter 1ph CPM_1F_17.0

The plug of the Cloud meter must be connected to the same phase so that the power factor can be measured correctly. The Power meter has a divisible current clamp that you can click around the conductor;

connection diagram Cloud_Power_Meter_1Ph_120520-4


You must place the current clamp around 1 conductor, and not around the entire cable;

connecting current clamp RBtechnik Cloud Power meter 1PH-2
connect-clamp meter-RBtechnik-Cloud-Power-meter-1PH

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