Rayrun RM05, remote control for Rayrun drivers

This small battery powered handheld transmitter can only be used for the Rayrun Casambi LED strip dimmers type NB.01 & XB.01. You can operate the Rayrun LED strip dimmers in the Casambi app as well as with this remote control. Included in the delivery is a cradle that you can stick or screw on the wall.

It is best to learn the RM05 remote control before connecting the LED strip dimmer to your Casambi network.

To be able to teach the Rayrun RM05 remote control to the Rayrun Casambi LED strip dimmer, press the ON-OFF and DIM-DOWN button simultaneously just after you connect the dimmer to the voltage and the driver will teach the remote control.

Now add the XB / NB Casambi dimmer to your Casambi network.

The remote control communicates directly with the Rayrun dimmer and does not show itself as a 'switch' in the Casambi network. However, if you use the remote control, you will immediately see the changes in the Casambi lamp field.

With the hand-held transmitter you can switch the LED strip on/off and dim it on and off. In the CCT (Tunable white) profile, you can also change the color temperature with a double click on the ON-OFF button.

However, color changes such as RGB and RGBW are done in the Casambi app.

Rayrun-Casambi-RM05 remote