This 50 Watt driver from Rayrun is fully adjustable in the Casambi app. You choose whether the output of the driver is Tunable white or Single color in the "profile choice" of the Casambi app and there you also choose the number of mA. If you have chosen Tunable White, the loads on both channels must be the same!

It is important that you understand that the current value (mA) of your LED affects the power of the output of the driver, you can read all about this in our BLOG


Here you can see the available profiles with corresponding flow values. For intermediate current values, use the 'current trim', more information about this can be found in the 'parameters'.


In the Casambi app you can make adjustments, including the dimming speed.

Current Trim;
Suppose you have selected a profile of 700mA and that is a bit too much, then you can set the trim to eg 90%. This means that the driver will supply 90% of 700mA or 630mA.


Below is the PDF of the supplier.     PDF not displayed correctly? click here.


Rayrun-Casambi-HDC-30 series