PLH Neo Lighter

Battery-powered Casambi handheld transmitter with a remarkable operating method. 

If you turn the silver button clockwise, that is channel 4, clockwise channel 2. You can also press the button for channel 1 and if you shake this PLH Neo Lighter back and forth, channel 3 will be activated.

An attractive cradle is optionally available.


You can link the 4 remarkable operating methods of the Neo Lighter to numerous things in the Casambi app, the complete list can be found in image 8. In this case we go a group link to the 'Push button', which is channel 1.

1) Click More to get into the settings field.
2) Click switches to enter the list of switches.
3) Click Neo Lighter.
4) Click exactly on the name Neolighter if you want to change the name of the switch.
5) Type the name, in this case Neo Lighter above.
6) Click Not in use from channel 1; the Push function.
7) Click Not in use.
8) You have now entered field 8 and make a choice, in this example Serves a group.
9)   Click Group
10) Click on the desired group, in this case Street light.
11) You will see that the Light Street is selected and you click on  Klaar.
12) The name of the linked group is now displayed and you click on Klaar.
13) The position and name of the group are displayed and you click on Back.

The group can now be switched on or off by giving a short click on the push button. By continuing to hold the button, the lamps in the group dim up or down respectively. If you have the choice Using the power switch in figure 4, the group will no longer switch on-off, but will only dim.

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