Maintronic Casambi switch CTS2 230V-AC

6-way Casambi switch for GIRA, JUNG AS500, JUNG A-series, Berker, etc. In the Casambi app you connect lamps, scenes, etc. as usual. There are control LEDs in the press studs. Suppose you have a second switch that controls the same channel, the LEDs will also light up there, so you can see whether there is a light on in another room. If you operate the lights in the Casambi app, the control LEDs will also turn on or off.

In the Casambi app you can set times that the backlight of the switch turns on at a certain time, this is ideal for hotel rooms, for example.

The center field is removable and printable/writable.

There are also 2 free inputs available that you can connect to other low-voltage systems or to 230V push-buttons that can then also be connected to the Casambi App.


If you are an installer, you can choose to purchase the 24V keypad yourself and possibly a different color control rocker from your wholesaler, you may then spend less money in total. Below are two 24V keypads; white and stainless steel. If you require a different cover, the individual covers are also listed below. You can copy the EAN number in the search field of your wholesaler, for example the Technical Union. Please note that you still have to purchase the separate basic element from us, because it contains the Casambi software!

The GIRA colors often match other brands!