This pluggable 2 channel Casambi adapter can be plugged into the optional RLC dimmer. If desired, you can connect up to 4 potential-free push-buttons to this adapter that can be linked to scenes, groups, etc. in the Casambi app.

The trailing edge dimmer houses 2 separate outputs, each with a dimming power of 700 VA and is suitable for DIN rail mounting. With this dimmer it is even possible that output 1 is cut off and output 2 is cut off.

You can offer various control signals. If you use the Casambi adapter, the dimmer is immediately ready for use.


For the techies among us, this dimmer offers a standard USB connection for oscilloscope use. This means that you can read both outputs in real time for voltage, current, power factor, operating temperature, peak voltages, etc. To use this option you must have a cable (USB-Micro B) and download the free software. Tip; you can also take this dimmer in stock to use it to monitor various loads or visualize malfunctions using the oscilloscope.

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UD-700-X2-DALI-C Oscilloscope

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ISYGLT dimmer and LIGA.AIR.UD-700-C