Lighting team LIGA.AIR.TAST8 Casambi switch interface

Watertight finished with epoxy resin, this 8-way Casambi switch interface is connected to a voltage of 230V-AC. Since the switching circuits are galvanically isolated from the electricity grid, you may work with thin wires to place the push-buttons directly behind the switch (or elsewhere if desired). There are two mounting points provided that you want to screw it on.

Overview LIGA.AIR.TATST8.240-probe interface for Casambi

LIGA.AIR.TAST8.240 is set in the app as 2 separate nodes in the SWITCHES field;

App display LIGA.AIR.TATST8.240-probe interface for Casambi

LIGA.AIR.TATST8.240 probe interface for Casambi

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