LIGA.AIR.SV.BAT Casambi vibration detection from Liga Air

This battery-powered Casambi vibration sensor detects vibrations and vibrations. You can activate scenes such as the garden lighting if the sensor is for example placed on the front door and detects vibrations.

Pay attention; only works in Evolution networks.

LIGA.AIR.SV.BAT is battery powered and therefore does not require an electrical connection. Please note that this Casambi vibration detector can only be added to Evolution networks.

Liga-Air Casambi Vibration Sensor

When you teach LIGA.AIR.SV.BAT in the Casambi app it will be included in the SENSOR field and displayed as follows;

Casambi APP display of LIGA.AIR.SV.BAT

LIGA.AIR.SV.BAT is supplied in a plastic bag;

LIGA.AIR.SM.BAT door contact


LIGA.AIR.SM.BAT door contact-2
For example, you can place the vibration sensor on a door;

Casambi Liga Air SB Battery Vibration sensor