LIGA.AIR.SM.BAT Casambi door contact from Lichtteam

This battery-powered Casambi door contact (also called REED contact) has a 'close' and an 'open' detection, both of which can call up a separate scene or operate a lamp. For example, you could choose to always illuminate a display cabinet at 30% while opening it, the light in the display cabinet is set to 100%. The supplied magnet is provided with self-adhesive foil. Within the control hierarchy of the app, it can be an advantage in certain cases that you use this keypad instead of a motion sensor

Pay attention; only works in Evolution networks.

LIGA.AIR.SM.BAT is battery powered and therefore does not require an electrical connection. Note that this Casambi door contact can only be added to Evolution networks. A magnet and a battery have been added to the door contact. The magnet is provided with adhesive foil. You can check the functionality of the door contact by means of the green and red LED;

Example magnetic contact Casambi LIGA.AIR.SM.BAT

The small switch is used to make the door contact visible in NEARBY DEVICES, for example if you want to disconnect the door contact from your network again.

interior LIGA.AIR.SM.BAT

LIGA.AIR.SM.BAT content with magnet and battery

If you enroll LIGA.AIR.SM.BAT in the Casambi app, it will be entered in the SWITCH field and displayed as follows;

Casambi APP display of LIGA.AIR.SM.BAT

LIGA.AIR.SM.BAT is supplied in a plastic bag;

LIGA.AIR.SM.BAT door contact


LIGA.AIR.SM.BAT door contact-2

Below is the PDF of the supplier.     PDF not displayed correctly? click here.


For example, you can place the door contact on a toilet door;

Option of a LIGA.AIR.SM.BAT on a toilet door