LIGA.AIR.REP.240.EURO is a small Casambi plug repeater that you plug into the socket somewhere at a 'blank spot' in the Casambi mesh network. You simply add the plug to the network and it will continue to provide the connection automatically.

After you have added this repeater to the network, this repeater enters the SENSORS field. You do not have to do anything afterwards.

Casambi app display of Light Team LIGAI.AIR.REP.240.EURO

You connect this device via a normal 230V socket

connection diagram-LIGA.AIR.REP.240.EURO

Lighting team LIGA.AIR.REP.240.EURO;

packaging Light team LIGA.AIR.REP.240.EURO

packaging2 Lighting team LIGA.AIR.REP.240.EURO

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