Light team LIGA.AIR.FERNB.S Casambi hand transmitter

Lichtteam LIGA.AIR.FERNB.S is a Casambi handheld transmitter that works on 2 AA batteries and can be placed on the table or on your bedside table, for example. The battery status can be read in the Casambi app.

LIGA.AIR.FERNB.S is displayed in the SWITCHES field of the Casambi app as follows;

Casambi APP display LIGA.AIR.FER.S Light team


Various groups and scenes can be linked to LIGA.AIR.FERNB.S by Lichtteam;

Casambi APP programming LIGA.AIR.FERB.S from Lichtteam

LIGA.AIR.FERNB.S from Lichtteam is supplied in a plastic bag;