LEPUK Casambi design handheld transmitter

This design Casambi handheld transmitter from LEDIM is available in 9 variants, namely three types of wood and three touch finishes.

Each color is linked to the channel you wish to control. Every time you dump something
tilting changes the color, or you keep the sphere tilted until the desired color becomes visible, for example green. At that moment, keep the bulb straight again and the linked lamp, scene, etc. will dim and switch by touching the metal light.

At the bottom of the sphere is a charging connection and the on-off switch to turn off the sphere if you are away for a long time. A fully charged battery lasts up to 6 months depending on use.

You must provide a charger and a USB-C charging cable yourself.


This is a beautiful combination of the LEPUK and a wooden fitting of the same wood containing a Filament LED lamp (which also contains Casambi) to the filament lamps