LEDsGO switch interface 4CH Battery powered

This battery-powered Casambi transmitter can be connected to push buttons and thanks to its small dimensions, the LedsGo interface can be concealed behind switches. For example, you can drill 2 flush-mounted boxes somewhere and mount this unit directly on 2 series push buttons, but also think of very small push buttons such as bell push buttons, because because this LedsGo Interface uses a battery, every conceivable situation is of course 100% safe. ID 13180

Ledsgo interface 4CH is displayed in the SWITCHES field of the Casambi app as follows;

Casambi-APP display-LEDSGO interface-battery-4CH

Various groups and scenes can be linked to the LEDsGO interface;


connection diagram Ledsgo interface battery powered 4CH

ledsgo interface;


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