Evytra glass touch Touch switch

The 230V built-in EVYTRA SWITCH CASAMBI is supplied as standard as 4-fold with the symbols 1-2-3-4. When you press a symbol, it will light up briefly and the assignment you linked will be executed in the Casambi network.

Symbols, texts and logos are lasered on the back of the glass touch panel, making the switch easy to clean. Evytra is therefore also suitable for situations where hygiene also plays a role.

You can choose other symbols from the Evytra library. If you do not want to use 4 but 1 or 2 channels, no light during operation or no symbol at all, that is all possible. Words or larger symbols can be lasered but do not light up when operated. Optionally place your company logo or hotel name somewhere. All these types of variants have a small additional cost.

Note that Art4Light chooses to arrange the 1-2-3-4 positions similar to the Enocean switches: 2 is below 1.


You can link the Evytra buttons to numerous things in the Casambi app, you can see the complete list image 8. In this case, we are going as an example connect a lamp on button 1

1) Click More to get into the settings field.
2) Click switches to enter the list of switches.
3) Click Evytra Stationar4fach.
4) Click exactly on the name Stationar4fach if you want to change the name of the switch.
5) Type the name, in this case Kitchen on the left.
6) Click Not in use of the button you want to link, in this case button 1.
7) Click Not in use.
8) You have now entered field 8 and make a choice, in this example Controls a lamp.
9)   Click Lamp
10) Click the lamp of your choice, it will light up.
11) Click Klaar.
12) The name of the linked lamp is now displayed and you click on Klaar.
13) The function and name of the lamp are displayed and you click on Back.

The selected lamp can now be switched on or off by giving a short click on button 1. By continuing to hold down the button, the lamp dims up or down respectively. If you have the choice Using the power switch in figure 4, the lamp will no longer switch on and off, but will only dim.