Eulum TRED-E-CSB-2A Casambi dimmer

400VA Casambi dimmer that you can place above the ceiling or screw somewhere in a cupboard. You can also connect 3 of these dimmers to a 3 phase EUTRAC rail in order to dim each phase of the rail separately. This series has a strain relief. Be careful not to connect inductive old-fashioned transformers.



Eulum ends up in the Casambi app as follows;

Eulum TRED-E-CSB-2A display in the Lampfield of Casambi

This Eulum dimmer must be connected to 230V, directly to the mains or behind an on-off switch. The maximum current on the output may be 2 Amps, with the maximum power being 400VA.
(400VA (Volt-ampere) is not necessarily the same as 400Watt. It is the power factor (Cosinus phi) that makes the difference, read more in our blog)

The dimmer has a phase-zero input and a phase-zero output. You do not necessarily have to use the outgoing zero, it may also be connected directly from the grid to the consumer (e.g. LED). So you can connect 3 of these dimmers to a Eutrac 3-phase rail, whereby the N (0) as common on the rail is connected directly from the grid.

Connection diagram Eulum TRED-ECSB-2A

This Eulum TRED-E-CSB-2A Casambi dimmer is supplied separately;

Delivery of the Eulum TRED-E-CSB-2A

strain relief dimmer eulum tred-ecsb-2a

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