Eulum SWAC-E-CSB-10A-Push potential-free Casambi switch

This Eulum Casambi switch works as a 230V PUSH contact and has a potential-free NO contact. As long as you keep pressing in the Casambi lamp field, the contact closes, if you let go of the lamp field, the contact opens again. Suitable for controlling low-voltage circuits, for example.


SWAC-E-CSB-10A-push-pot-free is shown in the Casambi app as follows;


Connection voltage; 230V, current max. 10A.

SWAC-E-CSB push CONTACT potfree

The contact closes as long as you keep pressing in the Casambi app, but can also be linked to Enocean switches (Contact closes for an unlimited time in the lamp field but for a maximum of 20 seconds in the Enocean switch during constant pressing)


Eulum SWAC-E-CSB-10A-PUSH jar free;


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