ESTOL Casambi voice commands Alexa X-MOMENT

A Casambi network can be perfectly operated via this gateway with voice commands. Unfortunately, the Dutch language is not supported by Alexa. You can see the languages ​​that are supported in the tab "ALEXA LANGUAGES".

You must provide an Alexa Smart speaker yourself (these costs around € 60). Afterwards you can add and configure the X-moment to your Casambi network via the procedure in the first 2 tabs below. This system works at home, but you can also continue to operate your home installation from other locations with voice commands without making any adjustments.

You can choose the X moment in different versions, namely 4-8-12-16 or 20 voice commands.

NEW: Download the XMOMENT app for a quick installation!

You must connect the X-MOMENT to a USB port using the supplied cable to, for example, a computer or a plug adapter of an Iphone. No adapter is included.



After you have programmed the X-MOMENT first (Tab 1), here is an instruction on how to program the Casambi app.


X-moment from ESTOL Casambi gateway

Below is the English PDF of the supplier.     PDF not displayed correctly? click here.



Below is the German PDF of the supplier. PDF not displayed correctly? click here.


below are the languages ​​Alexa can work with;

Alexa language selection