Estol Motion Paul (battery) sensor for Casambi

This very small Casambi Sensor (4x4cm) is clicked on a small magnetic plate and is available in 8 trendy colors. Motion Paul works for a very long time on the supplied (Thionyl Chloride) 3,6V battery and must be added to an EVOLUTION network. You can turn off the light that lights up when you move it.

Motion Paul is not suitable for daylight operation because the lighting strength (Lux) is not sent to the Casambi network. The sensor is only intended to detect movement.

Estol Motion Paul is a very small Motion and Light sensor for Casambi networks;




Estol Calibration push button

Connect and calibrate Estol Motion Paul sensor;

After you take Motion Paul out of the packaging, you will see a plastic tab on the back that you can pull away, after which the battery will power the sensor, at this point you will see the LED light up briefly. Casambi connoisseurs are used to the device now immediately showing itself as a NEW DEVICE in the app, but this time it is slightly different.

To have Motion Paul recognized by the Casambi app, press the push button for 10 seconds, the LED flashes once every second. After 10 seconds, the LED will start flashing very quickly and release the push button. The Casambi app now sees the sensor as a NEW DEVICE and you have the opportunity to add the sensor to the network. When the sensor has been added to the network, briefly press the button to exit this cycle and the rapidly flashing LED will go out.

You now need to calibrate the sensor to indicate under which light value it should actually send a motion detection to the network. As an example, I say that the current illuminance is 350Lux. You can teach in this current light value by pressing the button for 2 sec. holding down every sec. the LED flashes 1 time. After 2 seconds, release the button and you will see the LED flash very quickly. At the moment, the sensor knows that it will have to send motion detection to the network below 350 Lux and do nothing from 350 Lux and above. So make sure that if you have calibrated the sensor, it does nothing because the sensor waits until it gets darker than the time of calibration. You can always redo the calibration at any time if you wish.

Sensor must always report movement;
If you want the sensor to always report motion detection to the network, you must perform the calibration as follows; Take a bright light source, for example the lantern function of your mobile phone. You shine this bright light directly and therefore very close to the sensor and at that moment you calibrate the sensor as described above. This means that every Lux value will then be lower than that bright light from just now and the sensor therefore always sends motion detection to the network.

Sensor must only report movement in the evening and night;
If you want the sensor to only work in the evening and night, wait until it starts to get dark and perform the calibration as described above. From that moment on, the sensor will only work if it is darker than at the time of calibration.

Turn off the LED in the sensor
If the sensor is in active state and the Lux value is therefore lower than the calibration moment, the LED in the sensor will blink during movement. This can be annoying if, for example, you have the sensor in the bedroom, or if you do not want someone to see that it is being detected, so you can turn the LED off. You must then press the push button for 6 sec, every sec. the LED flashes once. You now release the push button and the LED will dim quietly. The sensor now knows that the LED should no longer light up when motion is detected.

If you want to turn the LED back on when motion is detected, hold the push button for 4 seconds, the LED flashes every second. 1 time. Afterwards, release the push button and the LED will slowly extinguish. From now on, the led will light up again when started.

Estol Motion Paul Sensor Disconnect from the Casambi network
If you want to disconnect the sensor from the network, first press the button again for 10 sec. pressed (LED flashes once every second). Afterwards, the LED will flash quickly and the sensor is ready to be disconnected from the network. If you accidentally disconnected the sensor at an earlier time, you can still disconnect it this way (In nearby devices, the text will be red).

In order to actually link scenes to the motion detection, you must enable the CONTROL HIERARCHY in the Casambi app. (this also applies to other motion sensors)
The illuminance (Lux) is not shown in the app and you cannot use it for Casambi daylight corrections etc.