This 50W flicker-free EldoLed Tunable White can dim back to as much as 0,1% flicker-free. The output current may be between 150 and 1400mA. The total power of the 2 outputs must not exceed 50W. Long secondary wires are allowed. You need to select a so-called Casambi radio and find it in the tab "RADIOS". All radios work the same, only the construction is different.

It is important that you understand that the current value (mA) of your LED affects the power of the output of the driver, you can read all about this in our BLOG


EldoLed Dualdrive 560 / A ends up in the app as Tunable White as follows;

Display Eldoled driver in the Casambi app


Tunable White scheme EldoLed in the Casambi app

Connection voltage 230V
Output current; (by us) adjustable between 150 and 1400 mA
Maximum power; 50W (It is meant that you have, for example, an LED load that has 50W cool and 50W warm share)


After we know your wishes regarding the desired current value (depending on your LED, eg 500mA), we configure the driver for you.

The current strength may be between 150mA and 1400mA, adjustable per mA (888mA is also allowed, for example). This driver works per channel between 1,5 and 55V and is completely flicker-free so that the driver can even be used in film recording studios.

However, if you connect a Tunable White load of, for example, 80W, this could be because with fully warm light there is 40W on channel 1, and with completely cold light 40W on channel 2. You can of course check this yourself.

You may work with very long wires from the driver to the LED load, depending on the wire cross-section;
2 x 0,5 / up to 14 meters
2 x 0,8 / up to 22 meters
2 x 1,0 / up to 28 meters
2 x 1,5 / up to 36 meters

When ordering you can indicate whether you want a linear or logarithmic dimming curve;

Dimming curve EldoLed Dualdriver

connection diagram EldoLed dual drive

EldoLed Dualdrive TUNABLE WHITE;

EldoLed dual drive 50Watt

Below is the PDF of the supplier.     PDF not displayed correctly? click here.



Below is a PDF from the supplier pertaining to the radios.     PDF not displayed correctly? click here.

This EldoLed driver works together with a Casambi radio type "5403". This radio is connected with the brown and yellow wire. There are different versions;

Radio BT-L2C1
This radio has an external antenna. For example, you can place the radio in a closed metal profile and stick the transceiver on the outside of the profile to ensure that the Casambi signal is properly received and transmitted. There is already adhesive foil on the antenna.

Radio BT-L1C1
This radio has a built-in antenna and you can place it near the driver, for example above the ceiling.

Radio BT-S1C1
You can place this radio in a gyproc or other suspended ceiling, for example. To do this, drill a 22 mm hole.

See also the PDF below the image.

EldoLed radio LED code BLE Casambi