Drees Led strip dimmer RGBW Casambi

This LED strip dimmer is connected to a 24VDC power supply. Several profiles are available in the Casambi App. This driver comes with 5 wires to which you can connect 4 push-buttons that you freely assign in the Casambi app. Maximum connection capacity at 24VDC; 250W


The Drees 4 Channel LED strip dimmer is shown in the Casambi app as follows;

App display Casambi DREES RGBW Led dimmer

Connection voltage; 12-24VDC.
Maximum total current; 10A (divided between the outputs), where you may not load more than 5A per channel. The total power that may be connected is 24VDC; 250W

Various profiles are available, you can find them under the "PROFILES" tab.

If you prefer not to use the ribbon cable, you can insulate it and fold it back into the housing.


The following profiles are available for Drees RGBW;

Profile choice DREES Casambi Led dimmer 4 channel

Drees RGBW LED strip dimmer;

DREES Casambi driver

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