This Casambi interface is connected to your DMX network where 4 commands can be sent in the Casambi app that you can link in the SWITCHES field. For example, you can have a Casambi light scene called up on channel 1, 'all off' on channel 2, etc. Of course you can connect multiple interfaces to your DMX network, every time you add 1 you get 4 channels in the Casambi app.

DMXcas enters the lamp field as follows;

DMX engineering Casambi model DMXcas

DMXcas must be connected to 12VDC or 24VDC. Of course you also connect it to your DMX network and address it. In the Casambi app you now link the switches to scenes. In the PDF you will also see a RELAY and a SENSOR, but these have no function.


DMXcas is delivered as OEM, without packaging;

DMX engineering-DMXcas