Danler's CBU-GRRTMK push-turn Casambi dimmer

Small Casambi push-turn dimmer that can be built in somewhere. You can link the pressure rotary dimmer to whatever you want in the Casambi app, 'by way of' you dim your entire house with this small dimmer.

Danler's CBU-GRRTMK ends up in the SWITCH field in the Casambi app;


You only need to supply 230V on Danlers CBU-GRRTMK;

connection diagram-CBU-GRRTMK

In the app you can assign the Danlers CBU-GRRTMK push-turn dimmer to whatever you want, such as scenes, lamps, all lamps, etc. Note that the PUSH BUTTONS field does not participate in the Casambi app.

Casambi APP Programming Danlers GRRTMK

Danlers CBU-GRRTMK is delivered as follows;

Packaging Danlers CBU GRRTMK

Below is the PDF of the supplier.     PDF not displayed correctly? click here.