Danler's CBU-GRMK Casambi push button

Danlers CBU-GRMK is a remarkably small push button that is connected directly to 230V and then directly participates in Casambi Bluetooth networks. You can link scenes, lamps or groups in the Casambi app.

Danler's CBU-GRMK ends up in the SWITCH field in the Casambi app;

Casambi APP rendering of Danler's CBU-GRMK

You only need to supply 230V on Danlers CBU-GRMK;

Connection diagram Danlers CBU-GRMK

In the app you can assign the Danlers CBU-GRMK push button to whatever you want, such as scenes, lamps, all lamps, etc.

Programming - from-Danlers-CBU-GRMK-in-the-Casambi-app

Danlers CBU-GRMK is delivered as follows;


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