Danler's CBU-CEDRPLR Casambi sensor

This 25-meter-wide Casambi motion detector can serve perfectly in, for example, a hotel corridor by placing 1 on both sides of the corridor and allowing the app to perform a scene when someone steps out of 1 of the doors.


Danler's CBU-CEDRPLR enters the app in the SENSORS field as follows;


This Casambi detector can perfectly serve, for example, in hotel corridors. Place 1 on both sides of the hallway and let the app do the work. When moving, let the light dim from 30% to 100%, and after 5 minutes of absence, let the light dim back from 100% to 30% in, for example, 2 minutes. In this way, you can grab all room doors at once. You connect to 1VAC and In the Casambi app you can then link scenes to the motion sensor and see if there is movement. The current Lux value is always displayed and can be used in DAYLIGHT CONTROL.


Danlers CBU-CEDRPLR for Casambi;



Below is the PDF of the supplier. PDF not displayed correctly? click here.


Below we show you how to program a motion sensor Danlers CBU-CEDRPLR. In the field SENSORS you will find the sensor, of course there can be several sensors;


You will now see that the sensor is not in use, and since you want to program it, click on that line;


Now click again;

Swisspir LIGA.AIR.SP.CUBE programming step 3

In our example we are now going to program the sensor to activate a pre-made scene with MOTION;

Swisspir LIGA.AIR.SP.CUBE programming step 4

Now click on the line SCENES PRESENCE;

Swisspir LIGA.AIR.SP.CUBE programming step 5

Select the scene (s) to be executed during movement (It is possible to have several scenes executed simultaneously);

Swisspir LIGA.AIR.SP.CUBE programming step 6

Now click on DONE

Swisspir LIGA.AIR.SP.CUBE programming step 7

Click on DONE again;

Swisspir LIGA.AIR.SP.CUBE programming step 8

Click on BACK;


You are now done and you will see your scene under the icon;