Dali Master configurator Tridonic

In some cases it is useful to make a piece of Casambi-DALI network.

Example 1;
You have a house where 14 spots on one Dali line must be placed on group 1 in the living room, 12 spots on group 2, and in the kitchen 16 spots on group 3. There will be 3 spots in the pantry. You want to group and control these with 1 device in the Casambi app and link the 4 groups to, for example, Enocean switches.

Example 2;
Or you have a rail system containing 15 dali spots and want to dim them separately per group.

With the DALI system configurator (DALI-USB) and a small utility (Windows only) you can then group your lights and then operate them in the app using 1 of our interfaces. If you have a Casambi-Dali interface that also supplies power to the bus, you can get started immediately, if that is not the case, you must also purchase the following item, namely the DALI-PS, which is a power supply unit for the Dali bus. If you have never done this before, it is advisable to purchase our NL manual, which is also included in this product group.