Dalcnet Timer Casambi Clock Backup

Dalcnet Timer Casambi has a power reserve of 20 hours to provide the network with the correct time and date after returning voltage so that TIMER commands can be executed again. This device has no repeater function in the network and must be connected to a 24VDC power supply.



Dalcnet Timer Casambi is placed in the SENSORS field when you add it to the network;

App view Dalcnet Timer Casambi

A Casambi network always knows the current time and in the event of a power failure, only 1 single actor needs to remain live to let other actors know the date and time after recurring power. But when all actors have been rid of the tension, no one knows what time it is anymore and TIMERS will no longer be possible. To provide your Casambi network with the current time and date after a return of the mains voltage, it is sufficient to add this device to your network.

CASAMBI-TIMER has an input to connect a push-button that you can freely assign in the Casambi app. You do not necessarily have to use it. The rechargeable battery is located in the timer module.

TIMER-CASAMBI-Dalcnet connection diagram

Dalcnet Timer Casambi;


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