Dalcnet LINE 4CC is a flicker-free 4 channel CC driver. In the Casambi app you can easily change the current values ​​between 150 and 900mA. Note that users of the Casambi app can also change the current value. If you wish to prevent this, please ask us to set the driver to a fixed current value (mA).

Connection voltage; 12-24-48VDC. Dalcnet LINE 4CC has the following protections: overload protection, under-power protection and reverse polarity protection. The maximum length of the secondary wiring is 10 m, longer wiring in consultation with us. There are 2 potential-free inputs available for push buttons that you can freely configure in the Casambi app.

If you need a 24V power supply, you will find it in our Snappy collection.






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