Dalcnet DLX-1224-4CV Casambi Led strip dimmer 4 channels

This Dalcnet Casambi led dimmer must be connected to a 12VDC or 24VDC power supply. The total current across the outputs may not exceed 10A, whereby the outputs individually may never be loaded with more than 5A. This device also has the option of connecting 4 potential-free push-buttons.

if you need a 24V power supply you will find it in our Snappy collection.


Dalcnet DLX-1224-4CV is shown in the in the Casambi app as follows;

App View Casambi Dalcnet DLX1224-4CV

Connection voltage; 12-24VDC.
Maximum current per channel; 5A
Maximum total current; 10A (divided between the outputs)

Various profiles are available, you can find them under the "PROFILES" tab.

Dalcnet-DLX-1224-4CH connection diagram


The following profiles are available for Casambi Dalcnet DLX-1224-4CV;

Casambi-Profile selection-App-display-Casambi-Dalcnet-DLX1224-4CV

Dalcnet DLX1224 4CH;

Dalcnet DLX-1224-4CV LED controller